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河北省武邑中学 2018-2019 学年高一英语上学期寒假作业 21
A 30 November 2017,Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic defeated Scottish Andy Murray 6-1, 7-5,7-6in the Australian Open 2017 final to win the Grand Slam event (大 满贯) for the sixth time. Murray has lost five Australian Open finals, facing Djokovic in all but one of them. Djokovic dominated the first set, winning 6-1 in just half an hour. He served seven aces (得分的发球) in total in the match. Murray fought back in the second set, which went up to twelve games lasting for 80 minutes. It was the longest set and Murray had nine aces, twelve in total for the match. Djokovic had 41 unforced errors, compared to Murray’s 65. The third set lasted for 63 minutes and at 6-6 it went to a tie breaker, which Djokovic won 7--3, to win the eleventh Grand Slam title of his career. Djokovic has now equaled the record of Roy Emerson winning six Australian Opens. Djokovic after the match said,” Andy, you are a great champion and friend. I’m sure you’ll have more opportunities to fight for this trophy”. Murray congratulated Djokovic, saying “I feel like I’ve been here before. Congratulations, Novak. Six Australian Opens is an incredible feat(业绩). The last year has been incredible. Good job.” He also left a message for his wife Kim Sears, “I’ll be on the next flight home.” The couple is expecting a baby. Yesterday, Jamie Murray, Andy Murray’s elder brother,won the Australian Open Men’s doubles with Bruno Soares. Andy Murray was there in the audience, recording his brothers speech, to which Jamie said, “Andy, you should be in bed!” 1. On 30 November 2017 Djokovic beat Murray for the _____ time, and won Australian Open Final 2017. A. 5th B. 6th C. 4th D. 11th 2. According to the news report, which of the following statements is true? A. It was a piece of cake for Djokovic to win the 2nd set. B. Djokovic and Murray quite admired each other.

C. Djokovic became the 1st to win six Australian Opens. D. Murray couldn’t wait to go back to his wife because she just gave birth to a baby. 3. According to the passage, Murray is most probably considered to be ________. A. friendly and considerate B. selfless but dishonest C. unconfident but modest D. prideful and out - going
B Not so long ago, most people didn't know who Shelly Ann Francis Pryce was going to become. She was just an average high school athlete. There was every indication that she was just another American teenager without much of a future. However, one person wants to change this. Stephen Francis observed then eighteen-year-old Shelly Ann as a track meet and was convinced that he had seen the beginning of true greatness. Her time were not exactly impressive, but even so, he seemed there was something trying to get out, something the other coaches had overlooked when they had assessed her and found her lacking. He decided to offer Shelly Ann a place in his very strict training seasons. Their cooperation quickly produced results, and a few year later at Jamaica's Olympic games in early 2008,Shelly Ann, who at that time only ranked number 70 in the world, beat Jamaica's unchallenged queen of the sprint(短跑). "Where did she come from?" asked an astonished sprinting world, before concluding that she must be one of those one-hit wonders that spring up from time to time, only to disappear again without signs. But Shelly Ann was to prove that she was anything but a one-hit wonder. At the Beijing Olympic she swept away any doubts about her ability to perform consistently by becoming the first Jamaican woman ever to win the 100 meters Olympic gold. She did it again one year on at the World Championship in Briton, becoming world champion with a time of' 10.73—the fourth record ever. Shelly-Ann is a little woman with a big smile. She has a mental toughness that did not come about by chance. Her journey to becoming the fastest woman on earth has been anything but smooth and effortless, She grew up in one of Jamaica's toughest inner-city communities known as Waterhouse, where she lived in a one-room apartment,

sleeping four in a bed with her mother and two brothers. Waterhouse, one of the poorest communities in Jamaica, is a really violent and overpopulated place. Several of Shelly-Ann's friends and family were caught up in the killings; one of her cousins was shot dead only a few streets away from where she lived. Sometimes her family didn't have enough to eat. She ran at the school championships barefooted because she couldn't afford shoes. Her mother Maxime, one of a family of fourteen, had been an athlete herself as a young girl but, like so many other girls in Waterhouse, had to stop after she had her first baby. Maxime's early entry into the adult world with its responsibilities gave her the determination to ensure that her kids would not end up in Waterhouse's roundabout of poverty. One of the first things Maxime used to do with Shelly-Ann was taking her to the track, and she was ready to sacrifice everything.
It didn't take long for Shelly-Ann to realize that sports could be her way out of Waterhouse. On a summer evening in Beijing in 2008, all those long, hard hours of work and commitment finally bore fruit. The barefoot kid who just a few years previously had been living in poverty, surrounded by criminals and violence, had written a new chapter in the history of sports.
But Shelly-Ann's victory was far greater than that. The night, she won Olympic gold in Beijing, the routine murders in Waterhouse and the drug wars in the neighbouring streets stopped. The dark cloud above one of the world's toughest criminal neighbourhoods simply disappeared for a few days. “I have so much fire burning for my country,” Shelly said. She plans to start a foundation for homeless children and wants to build a community centre in Waterhouse. She hopes to inspire the Jamaicans to lay down their weapons. She intends to fight to make it a woman's as well as a man's world.
As Muhammad Ali puts it, "Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them. A desire, a dream, a vision. "One of the things Shelly-Ann can be proud of is her understanding of this truth. 4. Why did Stephen Francis decide to coach Shelly-Ann?
A. He had a strong desire to free her family from trouble. B. He sensed a great potential in her despite her weaknesses.

C. She had big problems maintaining her performance.

D. She suffered a lot of defeats at the previous track meets.

5. What can we infer from Shelly-Ann's statement underlined in Paragraph 5?

A. She was highly rewarded for her efforts. B. She was eager to do more for her


C. She became an athletic star in her country. D. She was the envy of the whole


6. By mentioning Muhammad Ali's words, the author intends to tell us that_____.

A. players should be highly inspired by coaches B. great athletes need to

concentrate on patience

C. hard work is necessary in one's achievements D. motivation allows great

athletes to be on the top

7. What is the best title for the passage?

A. The Making of a Great Athlete

B. The Dream for Championship

C. The Key to High Performance

D. The Power of Full Responsibility


Last summer over 12,000 fans were at Wembley Arena in London, shouting and cheering. Thousands more were watching online._____8_____It was esports, or competitive computer gaming.
Millions of people in the UK play computer games for fun. Some of them have become professional gamers, playing games as their full-time job.____9_____They practice for ten or more hours a day, five or six days a week. They do exercises like typing something and trying to type it faster and faster. They also study videos of other players and plan ways to beat them.
___10___Are players athletes? Some say no. Esports players don’t need to run, jump, throw or do big physical actions. At the moment, the UK government classifies esports as kinds of games, not as sports.
But others say yes: esports are sports. Players do need some physical skills, especially hand-eye coordination, reflexes, accuracy and timing. If darts, snooker

and shooting are classified as sports, then perhaps esports should be too. ___11____And they will be an official medal sport in the Asian Games starting
from 2022. Next step: the Olympics? For many esports fans and players, though, the most important thing is that esports
are growing in popularity and importance.__12__ A. But are esports really sports? B. All like playing computer games. C. It’s not easy being a professional gamer, though. D. But this wasn’t a football, basketball or tennis match. F. In fact, China and South Korea do classify esports as sports. G. If esports are not as important as sports now, they definitely will be in
the near future. 第一节 完形填空阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。
When I first entered university my aunt, who is an English professor, gave me a new English dictionary. I was ___13___to see that it was an English- English dictionary, also known as a monolingual (只用一种语言的) dictionary. _____14___it was a dictionary intended for non-native learners, none of my classmates had one, ___15___to be honest, I found it extremely ____16___to use at first. I would look up words in the dictionary and ___17___not fully understand the meanings. I was used to the ____18___bilingual dictionaries, in which the words are ____19____both in English and Chinese. I really wondered why my aunt gave me such____20____to make things so difficult for me. Now, after studying English at university for three years, I ____21___that monolingual dictionaries are ____22____in learning a foreign language.
As I found out, there is, ___23___, often no perfect equivalence (对应) between two ___24___in two languages. My aunt even goes so far as to ___25___ that a Chinese “equivalent” can never give you the_____26___meaning of a word in English! ____27___, she insisted that I read the definition (释义) of a word in a monolingual dictionary when I wanted to get a better____28___ of its meaning.____29___, I have come to see what she meant.

Using a monolingual dictionary for learners has helped me in another important

way. This dictionary uses a(n)_____30____number of words, around 2,000. in its

definitions. When I read these definitions, I am_____31___exposed to the basic words

and learn how they are used to explain objects and ideas. ___32___ this, I can express

myself more easily in English.

13. A. worried

B. sad

C. surprised

D. nervous

14. A. Because

B. Although C. Unless

D. If

15. A. but

B. so

C. or

D. and

16. A. difficult

B. interesting

C. important



17. A. thus

B. even

C. still

D. again

18. A. new

B. familiar C. earlier

D. ordinary

19. A. explained

B. expressed

C. described



20. A. appreciation

B. courage

C. advice

D. promise

21. A. imagine

B. recommend

C. predict

D. grasp

22. A. natural

B. better

C. easier



23. A. at best

B. in fact

C. at times

D. in case

24. A. words

B. names

C. ideas



25. A. hope

B. declare

C. doubt

D. tell

26. A. exact

B. basic

C. translated



27. A. Rather

B. However

C. Therefore

D. Instead

28. A. understanding

B. practice C. expression



29. A. Largely

B. Generally

C. Gradually



30. A. extra

B. average

C. total

D. limited

31. A. repeatedly

B. nearly

C. immediately

D. anxiously

32. A. According to

B. In relation to C. In addition to


Because of

短文改错(10 分)

Leaving a store, I returned to my car only to find I have locked my keys and

cell phone inside. The teenager riding his bike learnt about my embarrassed situation.

I told him that even if I could call my wife, she wouldn’t bring him the car key

because this was our only car. He handed me with his cell phone, “Calling your wife

and tell her I’m going to get the key.” “That’s a ten-miles round trip,” I said.

But he told me not worry about it. An hour late, he returned with the key. I offered

him some money, so he refused, “Let’s just say I needed the exercise.”


1-3 CB A

4-7 B BD A 8-12 DCAFG

13. C 14.B 15.D 16.A 17.C 18.B 19.A

23. B 24.A 25.B 26.A 27.C 28.A 29.C

20.C 30.D

21.D 31.A

22.B 32.D

第一节 短文改错(共 10 小题:每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Leaving a store, I returned to my car only to find I have locked my keys and
cell phone inside. The had
A teenager riding his bike learnt about my embarrassed situation. I told him that
even if I could call my embarrassing
wife, she wouldn’t bring him the car key because this was our only car. He handed me with his cell
me phone, “Calling your wife and tell her I’m going to get the key.” “That’s

a ten-miles round trip,” I said.



But he told me not ? worry about it. An hour late, he returned with the key. I offered

him some money,



so he refused, “Let’s just say I needed the exercise.”